Guidelines on Choosing a Family Law Attorney


Going through a divorce is tough. Apart from the pain caused by the emotional stress that comes with child custody, child support, division of assets, etc, the legal process is complex. To avoid regrets later, you need to entrust all family law issues to a reliable divorce lawyer.


Asking for the support of friends who have worked with a divorce attorney before would be a wise decision. Get to know if any attorney they hired before delivered. If they did, do they recommend that you hire the professional? Never assume that a lawyer would be perfect for you simply because they were perfect for another person.


Is the family law attorney certified? Certification is usually proof of experience. This is because certifications are only issued after an attorney attains some set milestones. If possible, look for a service provider that specializes. It is critical that you inquire about the number of years they have been a specialist lawyer. Get to know whom they usually represent. There are attorneys that represent fathers only.

Regardless of why you need an attorney, if you need the best legal representation, make sure you get referrals from family or friends. Check the attorneys references and check the details are correct. Referrals are always the best way to go as you can be confident they will represent you with the same professionalism as they did your associate.


Consider the personality of the professional. You need to consider whether they are professional enough too. While it is not the work of a lawyer to sympathize with you, they should not be insensitive about your situation. You need a professional that you like because you might be stuck with them for a long time. A good service provider should be professional enough to keep your sensitive information private. If they disclose confidential info about other clients, chances are that they will not spare you either. Read facts about divorce here at


Availability is a critical aspect to consider. You need a legal expert that can give you the attention necessary. If your potential expert never returns your emails in time, or if they never bother to get back to you after you make initial contact, they are likely to let you down in the end. Ask your choice one regarding the number of cases they are working on already. A professional lawyer from should not outsource your case before informing you about the move.


Discuss service charges before making a decision. Get to know whether the expert would charge a fixed or an hourly rate. If they usually charge per hour, what are their rates? How do they determine the number of hours they have worked? If your choice one charges a fixed rate, inquire if they would expect a retainer. Beware of experts that demand for a hefty down payment.